“Holiday Heroes,” ZACH Theatre’s Family Musical

This article first appeared in Texas Lifestyle Magazine on December 3, 2019.

“Holiday Heroes” enables kids of all ages to celebrate the differences in the world around them.

There’s nothing like a ZACH Theatre holiday musical to usher in the start of the Christmas season. This 45-minute fan favorite, written by Shaun Wainwright-Branigan and Jerome Schoolar, brings singing, laughter and holiday cheer into the hearts of children both young and old.

“Holiday Heroes” is a fully interactive, audience participation musical celebration filled with sing-alongs and dancing and clapping to catchy tunes quickly erasing any hints of a Bah Humbug spirit.

Holiday Heroes-15
The original “Holiday Heroes” returns with new songs and surprises in a hilariously fun holiday sing-along musical for kids of all ages. Photo Kirk Tuck

The 16th annual kids’ musical takes place in a factory sharply divided between a red side and a green side. The heroes of the story, Red and Green, receive a new visitor, Blue, who doesn’t fit into either side. Through music, mime and mischief, Blue helps Red and Green learn the value of giving, empathy and seeing the world from another perspective.

“Holiday Heroes” is in Austin at The Topfer at ZACH Theatre December 7-14.

Cover Kirk Tuck

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