ZACH Theatre’s “Jungalbook,” Tale of Loyalty, Betrayal

This article first appeared in Texas Lifestyle Magazine on November 4, 2019.

Adventure awaits in a jungle where danger lurks in every tree and only the brave dare enter!

ZACH Theatre opens its 2019-20 Family Series season with the retelling of Rudyard Kipling’s Mowgli stories, “Jungalbook.”

Adapted by Edward Mast, “Jungalbook” is a story of humans and animals learning to live in harmony, both with each other and the jungles of India which surround them. “Jungalbook” ignites imaginations, both young and old, bringing to life the classic tale and mixing many endearing characters with some not-so-lovable creatures.

12a_ZACHTheatre-Jungalbook--7337- Photo Credit_ Kirk Tuck
Baloo the bear (played by John Christopher) keeps a watchful eye over Mowgli (played by Chloe Van De Graaf ) teaches her about and guiding her through the jungles of India. Photo Kirk Tuck

Raised by wolves, in ZACH’s presentation, Mowgli is a young girl who must find the courage to face many challenges in the jungle and choose an uncertain fate.

“Having a female actress play Mowgli gives the character a new perspective as both a powerful fearless female protagonist as well as somebody who has empathy for nature,” says Associate Artistic Director Nat Miller.

08_ZACHTheatre-Jungalbook--7118- Photo Credit_ Kirk Tuck
Sherakhan (left, played by Amber Quick) is a Bengal tiger who wants to eat Mowgli who is under the protection of the panther Bagheera (front right, played by Freddy Franklin) and the bear Baloo (far top right, played by John Christopher). Photo Kirk Tuck

“Jungalbook” is an energetic and childlike play filled with upbeat musicality. The beloved Baloo the bear guides audiences through this timeless story where loyalty is tested, lines are drawn and alliances are formed.

Jungalbook” is playing ZACH Theatre’s The Kleberg now through December 14th. Recommended for ages 5+.

Cover: “Jungalbook” cast, photo Kirk Tuck

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