Art of Green Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products Make Sustainability Affordable

This article first appeared for Austin Moms.

With the “green” movement in full swing and trends shifting to products offering sustainability, consumers are becoming more conscientious about the carbon footprint they leave behind. For that reason, Houston-based AlEn USA, whose mission is to use the planet’s natural resources responsibly, has created a new line of multipurpose, non-toxic cleaning products. Art of Green offers products that are 98% naturally derived which are not only socially responsible but will change the way you think about the performance and value of green cleaning products. As a busy mom to 2 teenagers, I don’t have to think about what’s in our home and whether it’s harmful to my family. The kids are now at an age where chores are a part of the daily grind and now I have the confidence that what we are using in our home is not harsh or toxic. Oh and it smells good too!  With three different types of biodegradable formulas priced for everyday use to select, Art of Green is giving consumers a safe, affordable and high-performing natural cleaning alternative. Consumers have the choice of the multipurpose cleaning spray, wipes or concentrated refill to clean any room or surface. Infused with natural essential oils, the lingering aroma of Citrus and White Flowers or Lavender Eucalyptus will not only cascade throughout the home but remains hours after cleaning.  If the fresh scents aren’t persuasive enough, the products really do work! They are tough on dirt, grease and grime while leaving less residue behind than other leading eco-friendly cleaners. Since the products have no harsh chemicals, those with sensitive skin can rest reassured Art of Green products are completely safe because their hypoallergenic formula has been dermatologically tested and approved.
With all that said, what does this mean for the consumer who is inundated with so-called “green” products every day? It means that Art of Green goes the extra mile to take special care of the natural resources it uses.  The product packaging uses 100% plastic and more than 50% of its recycled cardboard. When extracting pine oil, Art of Green ensures trees are unharmed in the process. The company actively engages in reforestation and works with non-profit organizations to promote tree planting. Art of Green’s formula is free of parabens, phthalates, glycol solvents, artificial color, or phosphate making it safe for use around kids and pets. Recognizing the importance of our planet’s dwindling natural resources has been a priority for Art of Green as evidenced by their new affordable product line. The company is committed to making a healthy difference in both the lives of families and the future of the planet while making homes dazzle and sparkle one clean household at a time. Ready to save on your Art of Green found at most HEB stores? Check out the coupon below or head over to the Art of Green site to download yours today!
Austinite  Lisa Davis is the Editorial Assistant for Texas Lifestyle Magazine, Freelance Writer for Regional Music Journal and honors graduate from Concordia University Texas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Public Relations.

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