Thanks to AI, New Home Buying Just Got Easier!

This article first published at Texas Lifestyle Magazine on June 5, 2019.

For more than a decade, home listing sites have remained relatively unchanged, forcing the buyer to find a home based on inconsistent image quality, vague descriptions and technical jargon favoring the builder but not the family that’s hoping to live there.

Help is finally at hand as HomLuv is shifting the search paradigm for residential real estate with the industry’s first artificial intelligence-driven visual search platform. In other words: thanks to AI technology, you will be able to shop for a home the way you want–from the inside out.
Screen Shot 2020-09-06 at 9.39.00 AM
HomLuv is a real estate website where home shoppers can browse new homes, room-by-room, and by “Liking” images, receive recommendations of other similar homes they will love. Photo courtesy Aaron Huber, Unsplash
HomLuv helps buyers discover what they like and don’t like in a home by allowing them to share and prioritize their favorite homes with tools that deliver targeted results suiting  their tastes and budget. The design forward, highly collaborative house-hunting website features more than one million images from over 100,000 homes across the United States provided by the nation’s top builders.  “Research shows that home buyers are frustrated with real estate websites that don’t effectively cater to new home buyers. HomLuv’s visual, design-forward approach gives buyers and builders a shared language, eliminating confusion, streamlining the process and creating a great experience for both.” – Tim Costello, CEO of’s parent company, Builders Digital Experience (BDX).
HomLuv makes it easier for co-buyers to determine common tastes in their home design ideas that’s perfect for both. Photo courtesy HomLuv
HomLuv’s AI takes the work (and frustration) out of home searching by introducing shoppers, room-by-room, to a wide range of floor plans and styles. In a few simple steps, co-buyers can collaborate with each other to see where their design taste and “must haves” overlap. HomLuv matches shoppers with home builders who can build their perfect home that fits their individual needs and lifestyles. Buyers are inspired and encouraged to discover their unique design tastes by adding their favorite images to boards to share and with their partner, co-buyer or spouse – then both buyers can collaborate and bring their dream home to life.
With interactive tools, HomLuv gives buyers the option of designing their home with their four-legged family member in mind. Photo courtesy HomLuv
HomLuv recently launched its newest feature, Maven Collections, for an easy (and fun) way to build a unique collection of the latest in home designs. Each board displays a curated collection of all the trends that have been saved—it’s Pinterest for homebuilding!
Cover: Photo courtesy Daniel Barnes on Unsplash

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