Five Minutes With Jan Ohrstrom: Co-Creator of The Valhalla Club Documentary

How can tight-fitting, one-piece spandex help veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder? Putting it on and wrestling an opponent wearing the same thing!

When three former military veterans and wrestlers, Jan “Dynamite” OhrstromEddie ‘El Guero” Wittern and John Brazier aka Brysin Scott, came together to start the Valhalla Club, they had no idea the  impact it would have on other veterans suffering from PTSD. The small, Texas-based organization and advocacy group uses the fast-action art of wrestling as therapy and encourages PTSD veterans to find new ways of channelling their negative energy into something more positive.

The Valhalla Club Documentary gives an intimate look into the lives of the three military veterans and how they have dealt  and continue to deal with the demons of war. The documentary pulls no punches when discussing what military men and women witness and experience during combat and the real struggles they face after returning home.

What do you want people to know about PTSD?

Its not a weakness by any stretch of the imagination. You have been through something quite a bit of people can not fathom or ever understand, and it will destroy you if given the chance. Be strong, finding that outlet is so crucial to readjusting to life and whatever it is that fits that need, go after that. Be the hero of your own story and fight forever. Always fight forever.

What has been the hardest part of coming home after combat?

Trying to be around people who have no idea on how to relate with what you had been through. This goes for family, work, school, neighbors, etc.

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