About Me


    My name is Lisa Davis and I’m a recent honors graduate from Concordia University Texas. I  hope to secure a job as a writer and editor for a magazine or newspaper. I really like researching a wide array of topics and finding new information that enhances a story. I particularly enjoy politics and trying to uncover biases that currently plague the world of journalism.

    Writing comes pretty naturally for me and I am a very conscientious writer who looks at all sides of the coin before disseminating information to the public that is not completely accurate. In this sense, I believe I am an impartial, unbiased and principled writer.

    I am the Editorial Assistant with Texas Lifestyle Magazine (TLM) and write on a variety of lifestyle subjects around Texas. TLM is a digital magazine that focuses its stories on interesting and unique places around Texas. They highlight everything from restaurants, cultural events, hot spots to fashion and the latest hairstyles.

    I am also a Freelance Writer for the Regional Music Journal where I write previews and reviews on different musical genres.